Prezi vs Keynote (equivalent to PowerPoint)

Verdict: Although Keynote is easier to operate, Prezi’s final product looks sharper. Adding a video to a presentation captures the audience’s attention, which in the end, is exactly the goal of the presenter. I intend on replacing Keynote with Prezi in all my future presentations.

N.B. Sorry that some of the text is so small on the slides, I couldn’t figure out any other way to include my Keynote presentation. Also sorry there are no actual pictures of my dogs- they’re all in a box back home in Ottawa!


Click here to access my Prezi


Keynote slides in order:


4 responses

  1. Really Cool Preszi! I’m very sorry about Sparkie, however muffin is adorable. I own a Corgi and their great dogs, very loyal and clean.
    When presenting heavier loads of information, do you think Preszi may be a little more difficult to organize? I find the linear and basic structure of Keynote, although not as sharp looking, to be more efficient when presenting larger amounts of information.
    But that’s just me.

    1. It’s true that it’s easier to deliver larger amounts of information with Keynote than with Prezi. However, I like that with Prezi you can make the information less overwhelming by zooming into it instead of having to read a huge chunk in a slide. Personally, I find it easier and more welcoming to concentrate when there’s less writing. This relates back to Hayle’s notion of deep-attention vs hyper attention (Hayles 12)… I’m less inclined to read an overwhelming amount of writing. Plus I prefer seeing how the ideas link together by going from one point to another. I totally understand where you’re coming from though.

  2. I thought this Prezi was really well done – interesting, witha good mix or personal and factual information.

  3. I thought you prezi was amazing. You added both personal as well as outside sources into your presentation which made it fun to read. Although your presentation had more information/writing than everyone else It was still interesting to read, and it didn’t bore me half way.

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